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What is The Xmoneta Project

What is The Xmoneta Messanger

Xmoneta Messenger is an Ethereum-based application enables customers to:

– Communicate with  classmates and friends,
– Buy products and book services,
– Hold   money on safe wallet,
– Trade at the market software,
– Coordinate business enterprise.

Xmoneta intends to establish a user-friendly, relaxed and secure all in one software for interaction, obtaining, trading, marketing, and buying. 

Tired from the outdated models, marketed by banks and global corporations, Xmoneta decided to select an alternative way. Path of the Long term, absolutely free of the mass surveillance, .

The main goal of Xmoneta Messenger is to deliver jointly a lot of possibilities in a one solution.

Xmoneta delivers several advantages for its users. Such as:

• Get cash back from buying goods and services online

• Token holder yearly bonuses + 10 %

• Plastic debit cards supporting CRYPTO and FIAT

• Buy tokens with up to 50% bonus

• Exchange and transfer multiple currencies

• Free XMN transaction

• Buy and sell goods and organise your e-shop

• Discounts for our services

• Earn XMN with your content / activities

• Crowd fund your projects or invest

• Create futures (ETF) with your XMN

• Affiliates and lottery program

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